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Finding parking is as easy as tapping a button

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Find the nearest available on-street spot

Stop cruising for parking and start saving time, gas and money.


Find the nearest available on-street parking spot with just one tap. The spot gets automatically blocked for other drivers and waits until you arrive there!


We give you directions to your spot and detect when you have reached your destination. Check-in is done with ease in just a few seconds.


With Apparcar finding parking is not a matter of luck anymore. We provide you with the best real-time infomation so you can always make the best decision.

A new parking experience

We care about drivers. Enjoy a new parking experience with Apparcar.

  • We give you the best parking alternative, including on-street spots and nearby garages.

  • No more walking to the meter and searching for coins. Check-in from your smartphone in just a few seconds.

  • No more parking fines. We send you a message 10 minutes before the time expires.

  • Can´t remember where you parked? Stop looking around, we give you directions back to your car.

For business

The best parking managing tool for city halls and urban services providers.

  • Get real time information on spot occupancy and drivers behaviour with no investment or maintenance costs.

  • Reduce traffic congestion and polution levels in your city with our parking search optimization algorithms.

  • Increase efficiency by designing custom-made policies for each group of users: disabled, local drivers, electrical vehicles...

  • Save 100% on hardware maintenance and cash handling. Save up to 80% of your control costs.